Saturday, January 06, 2007

Where are the anti-immigrant bigots now?

If you read the trash put out by the anti-immigration Nativist Know-Nothings on the Right and the Left you will see a common thread. They are collectivists. From faux libertarians, to outright bigots they engage in crude collective images to bolster they case for hate.

I've read enough of their crap to know how they operate. They engage in crude generalities. If one immigrant, legal or illegal, acts criminally they imply that all immigrants are criminals. That is raw collectivism at its ugliest. And they go further.

They love to scapegoat Mexican immigrants who come to America seeking out jobs and ways of improving their lives. They lie about them. They will point to any criminal activity by any Hispanic as proof that Hispanics as a class are bad people worthy of explusion. The really stupid ones will make economic claims that are just falses -- such as immigrants "take" jobs, destroy jobs, etc. Of course they do their bigoted best to intervene in the marketplace through the force of political hacks to screw up the market in order to prevent these people from working.

But the main point here is that they engaged in crude collective comments. Anyone who is Hispanic, no matter how long they've lived in the US is under suspicion by these low-class failures. If the Hispanic is born in the US he or she is called an "anchor" baby. And if you believe these morons the only things these people do is commit crimes and collect welfare.

So what are they saying now? By now you've no doubt heard of what Julio Gonzalex and Pedro Navarez did the other day. You may not remember their names but if you pay any attention to the news you remember their deed.

The two men, 43 and 40, have been friends for a long time. They heard people screaming for help. What they saw horrified them. Three-year-old Timothy Addo was home with a baby sitter, a woman neighbors described as reliable. The boys mother was at work. The sitter went to the toilet and the baby used this opportunity to climb on top of a radiator and crawl out a window onto a fire escape five floors up. As people watched the infant started climbing down the stairs of the fire escape until he reached the fourth floor.

At first Navarez and Gonzalez tried to get into the building in hopes of finding a way to pull the child back inside. But the doors were locked. Then they tried to climb the fire esecape but it was too far off the ground to reach. Working together the two men placed themselves under the child. The infant was afraid and was slipping. He gripped the fire escape as long as he could but he lost that battle and was soon plummeting toward the ground and certain death.

Between the two of the men hoped against hope to catch the child. But a 45 pound infant plummeting four floors is heavy. In fact the men were risking their own lives since being hit by that much weight falling that distance can be deadly. The child fell toward Nevarez who tried to catch him. The infant hit the man with full force knocking the man to the ground. The child bounced off the man's chest. Navarez was now on the ground with the wind knocked out of him. Gonzalez was stil there trying to help and he reached out and caught the infant.

They wrapped the child in a jacket and waited for the ambulance to arrive. The child was in almost perfect condition. The fall, which would normally kill a grown adult, would have been fatal had not these two men, working together, risked their own lives to try to catch the child. Their actions saved the child.

I don't know if they are immigrants or not. It is likely that if they themselves were not immigrants that their parents were. But the crude collectivism of the anti-immigrant bigots doesn't normally take such things into consideration. In those circles a Hispanic name means immigrant and all immigrants are blamed for the actions of any immigrant. Just having a Hispanic name has been enough to tar an individual with these bigots.

So what are they saying about the two men with Hispanic names who saved the life of this three year old child?

Nothing, of course. It doesn't fit into their crude logic and irrational way of thinking. So they will ignore the incident. Now had the men robbed a bank, well that would be different. Then the moronic Minutemen and sheet-wearing bigots would have lots to say. Now I'm not stupid to argue that this proves all immigrants are wonderful people. You can't take the actions of two men, good or bad, and then generalize to an entire group. Individualists don't think that way -- collectivists do. But what these men did does prove one thing. It shows that the crude collecivism of the racists is wrong. People ought to be judged as individuals and in my book these men deserve praise for what they did. No, immigrants or Hispanics as a class, don't deserve praise for the actions of two good men. Neither do immigrants or Hispanics as a class deserve condemnation when individuals act badly.