Thursday, January 04, 2007

Kiwi scientists pour cold water on warming.

The New Zealand Climate Science Coalition is a group of Kiwi scientists. They wrote the parliament asking for a Royal Commission to look at climate change because “the public was being given incomplete, inaccurate and biased information about the effects of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.”

Now they are pointing to the most recent statistics from the New Zealand National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research as further evidence of what they are claiming. They say these most recent data confirms what they pointed out last year that there is “little evidence of warming, and no evidence that humans are affecting the temperature.”

New Zealand weather data shows very little change. According to the New Zealand Herald: “Temperature records for Christchurch showed a peak in 1915 greater than 1998, a cooler period from 1925 to 1955, but no overall change since 1905. The Wellington records available only up to 1989, showed a high peak in 1918 and 1922, a cooler period between 1925 and 1955, but no overall change since 1880.”

New Zealand is currently experiencing one of the coldest summers in the last six decades.