Tuesday, December 26, 2006

In case you forgot why the Republicans lost.

Just in case the American voters forgot why they voted against the Republicans then Congressman Virgil Goode, Jr., is there to remind them.

Goode is a one of these Know-Nothing Theopublicans from Virginia. And he is foaming at the mouth over the fact that newly elected Representative Keith Ellison is planning to use the Qu’ran in a private, unofficial swearing-in ceremony (no book of any kind is used in the official ceremony though many on the Right seem ignorant of that fact).

Goode wrote a letter that was a tirade against immigrants and which absurdly claimed that unless immigration is stopped the country will be taken over by Muslim and more of them will use the Qu’ran in their swearing-in ceremony.

Goode is an idiot. Immigration had nothing to do with Ellison’s faith as he converted to Islam years ago. Ellison’s family lived in the US for over two hundred years.

In addition the number of Muslim immigrants that would be necessary for Muslims to take over America would be in the hundreds of millions. There are currently 300 million Americans of whom an estimated 2 million are Muslim. So the electoral disaster that Congressvermon Goode predicts is highly unlikely even under the most favorable circumstances.

A good number of the Muslims in the US are converts in the black community. Stopping immigration won’t stop this from happening. But since most immigrants to the US are not Muslims Goode’s measure would actually strengthen the power of Islam relative to the rest of the population.

Apparently Goode thinks that strict immigration controls are the answer. But these controls are used mostly against Catholics immigrating from Mexico. How that has any connection to Muslim immigrants is never explained.

Goode is the winner of our “Moron of the Week” award.