Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Alzheimer's victim home burned down by police.

The heavy hand of American police was witnessed once again, this time in Gilbert, Arizona. Police attacked the home of an elderly couple. The man, an Alzheimer’s victim, and his wife lost everything because the police ended up burning down their home.

Police claimed they were searching for a “serious criminal” who was linked to a series of break-ins but they neither found him nor any evidence linking him to Salvador Celaya and his wife. As the police attacked they threw a diversionary flash grenade through a bedroom window. The grenade set the house alight.

Oscar Celaya, the son, said: “We’re still kind of in shock and disbelief right now. You’re supposed to be afraid of criminals breaking into your house, not the police.” The family says they don’t know the suspect at all.

These sort of militay-style attacks are now routine by police and innocent people are constantly killed or suffer as a result. The militarization of the American police is one of the most worrying aspects of out-of-control government in America.