Saturday, December 23, 2006

Which boob is indecent?

When real morality goes out the window faux morality becomes dominant. That is when a government stops protecting the rights of people and becomes criminal itself it replaces true morality with legislated morality.

True morality is respecting the rights of others. It means not violating life, liberty or property. It means small government, property rights, equality before the law and minimal state interference in the lives of individuals. Faux morality throws all that out the windown in favor of unlimited government, state intervention, heavy penalties, inequality before the law and a host of other statist measures.

The Bush government jettisoned any pretence of real morality and instead focuses on faux morality. So it regulates innocent people, spies on them, incarcerates them, tortures them, etc. At the same time it pushes a “moral” agenda that has nothing to do with true morality (how you treat others) and pushes a religious obsession. So a regime that tortures uses political gay bashing to appear moral. A government that has basically forced Americans to carry de facto internal passports has fits over a brief glimpse of a breast.

In a Philadelphia court the immoral Bush regime is trying to justify its defense of faux morality. The abominable Federal Communications Commission, which exists on the false premise that the airwaves ought to be state property (socialism), is defending the fine of $550,000 which it imposed on 20 television stations.

You will remember the incident. Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake were performing during the 2004 Super Bowl and Timberlake grabbed Jackson and a bit of costume came off revealing a bare breast for less than one second. A huge number of people didn’t even notice since they no doubt blinked when it happened.

But the immoral moralists in the Bush regime went into fits. CBS has paid the fine for the stations but said they were innocent. They were unaware the “crime” was going to take place. And no evidence has been presented to indicate otherwise.

CBS said that fleeting nudity has not been fined in the past. The thugs at the FCC say that just a few days earlier the Christianists there “found indecent the broadcast of nudity lasting less than a second.” Is anyone noticing this? A glimpse of nudity so brief that it doesn’t even come to one second is deemed “indecent” by a government that tortures people! What sort of warped morality do conservatives have these days?

And the most immoral thug of the lot, Bush, signed a law increasing the fine for “indecency”. Now Bush naked would be indecent. Bush clothed is indecent. Bush opening his mouth is indecent. I’m not particularly interested in a glimpse of Janet Jackson’s boob but the really obscene boob is the one in the White House.

The more a government becomes a threat to liberty and true morality the more it will replace it with faux morality. It will ignore the violation of Constitutionally protected rights, it will actively act as an enemy of individual rights, but it will bang the morality drum in the hopes of lining up support from the Christianists and Theopublicans.

The voters dumped the Theopublicans from Congress. Now it is time to abolish the FCC and privatize the airwaves. As long as there is socialist ownership of the airwaves the state will use this control to further the agenda of those who hold power.