Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The unemployed problem of Germany.

The chairman of German’s Social Democrats, Kurt Beck, said something that was more true than the Left prefers to admit. He was heckled by an unemployed man at a meeting and he told the man that if he got a haircut, a shave and cleaned up he could have a job within a few weeks.

The man with long hair, nose rings, punk hair and dishevelled clothing was also wearing a button that said ”work is shit”. He was, of course, a recipient of the general “social welfare net” that the German government pays out. The 37-year-old parasite, Henrico Frank, apparently tried to show the politician up. So he went for a trim of his hair but fell asleep and found he got a decent haircut which was not his intention.

Frank, an alcoholic and member of a Left-anarchist group, claimed he would take “any job my health will allow”. But in fact he doesn’t want a job and prefers to live off of welfare. Beck made two appointments to meet with Frank in order to give him job opportunities. Frank didn’t show up for either meeting. And eight job offers he received were all rejected by him because he said they were inadequate or too hard.

The political Left attacked Beck for his comments. They insist the problems are due to the “system” and not to the refusal of some classes of people to work. Frank, however, seemed to prove them wrong. And while Beck appears vindicated it should be noted that he was attacking reforms of welfare laws. So in fact Frank’s refusal to take jobs offered to him, preferring benefits instead, puts Beck’s comments opposing welfare reform into question.

The photo is the cleaned up Frank who is still declining job offers.