Friday, December 29, 2006

The rise of British fascism.

A minor problem with the film V for Vendetta is that the author of “illustrated novel” assumed that fascism in the United Kingdom would rise out of the Conservative Party. In reality the threat comes from within the Labour Party. And that is how it has always been with fascism. The British Union of Fascists was founded by Oswald Moseley.

Moseley was a member of parliament for the Conservative Party but his values were rather socialist in nature and he left the party, first as an independent MP and then he joined the Labour Party. But even the Labour Party wasn’t left enough for him and he joined Independent Labour Party. Moseley proposed trade obstructionism (much like American unions do today), state ownership of the major industries (such as Labour put through after World War II) and a public works program similar to FDR’s New Deal.

When Labour found Moseley’s proposals too radical he defected and formed the far left New Party. The New Party was supported by Aneurin Bevan, a socialist and the man who formed the British National Health Service. Several far left Labour supporters followed Moseley into the New Party and from that collection he formed the British Union of Fascists. It is no coincidence that Mussolini was first elected to the Italian parliament as a socialist and was a member of the Socialist International and edited the newspapers of the Socialist party.

This history lesson is to show why we should not be surprised that the frightening rise of fascism in England today is directly linked to the Labour Party and the odious Tony Blair.

Part of the Blair/Labour fascist agenda is a national ID card, or what amounts to an internal passport in practical terms. And now Labour is drawing up a new law to penalize severely individuals who don’t comply with the ID requirements.

The Telegraph reports: “People would be fined up to £1,000 for failing to return a dead relative’s ID card, while women who marry will have to pay at least £30 for a new card if they want to use their married name, risking a £1,000 fine if they do not comply.”

How nice of benevolent Labour Party. Imagine a loved one has died. So what is your first thought upon learning about the death of someone you love. Why, of course, it’s to run down to the local office of bureaucratic fascists and turn in the ID card. One can’t be selfish just because a loved one has died. The nation must come first.

Blair’s internal passport measures become compulsory from 2010. Compulsory means that government agents will be allowed to use violence against you if you don’t comply. Sure, at first they warn you, send you a letter, etc. But if you don’t comply they will use physical force. After all it is for your own good.

Orwell got 1984 wrong but he wasn’t far off. “As well as a picture, the card will carry a microchip holding biometric information such as fingerprints, iris or facial scans. Everyone over 16 applying for a passport will have these details added to the National Identity Register from 2008.” These are measures that Moseley probably would have thought a bit too extreme.

In addition this Big Brother program to follow the whereabouts of every resident of the UK would require that all current addresses be reported. Failure to do so would bring on the £1,000 fine. A high school graduate who goes off to college has to report his alternate address. If he moves, as he is likely to do several times, during his student days he must report each move to Blairite fascists. If he misses doing so he can fined severely.

Consider what the Labour government is doing. It is using force against every British subject. It is creating an internal passport required of every citizen which will include their fingerprints and biometric information about them. All this data will be including in a national data base regardless of whether or not the individual has a criminal record. In other words every British resident will be treated like a common criminal.

Of course under fascism every citizen eventually is a criminal. So why does Labour endure this vile creature at Number 10? Where is the Conservative Party? Oh, that’s right they are playing around with David Cameron, Mr. Labour-lite himself. Maggie: all is forgiven. Please come back.