Thursday, May 10, 2007

Ding dong, Blair is resigning.

A few days ago I wrote: “It could be just days now” before the vile Tony Blair resigns as Prime Minister of England. Today he announced his resignation. And he knows he goes out of office a hated figure in the history of English politics. Hated with good reason, I might add.

Blair admitted his Labour government did not live up “to high expectations.” That is an understatment. It not only failed to live up to any positive expectations but it involved England in a no-win war justified by lies and deceit. In addition he has destroyed individual rights and privacy for the English people and imposed a Big Brother system of controls tracking the formerly free people of England.

The pathetic little man was pratically begging the population to forgive him for his tyrannical and corrupt actions. “I ask you to accept one thing: Hand on heart, I did what I thought was right.” What political tyrant hasn’t? Hitler went to his suicide convinced he did what was right. Stalin didn’t lose sleep over his actions. That Blair finds it necessary to put on this sad display of groveling for forgiveness indicates that not only did he do wrong but that he knows it.

Meanwhile we have exclusive video clips of the reaction at one school when word of Blair’s announcement was made public. Enjoy.