Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Coulter, backed into a corner, tries to lie her way out.

If there were two people I could wish out of the political debate it would be Ann Coulter and Michael Moore: the Laurel and Hardy of politics. True one is incredibly corpulent while the other is an anorexic stick figure but their styles are similar. Both concoct facts and engage in smearing. They are both shrill and have the same level of ethics as the other.

If you watch the above clip from MSNBC you will see what I mean. Elizabeth Edwards called in to the show where Coulter was appearing and asked her to not engage in personal attacks but to focus on the issues. She specifically said that debating issues is fine but that Coulter lowers the tone of political debate (a real understatement) with her ridiculing people on a personal level.

Watch how Coulter reacts. She lies. She immediately twists the comments and starts claiming that Mrs Edwards was demanding that she stop writing her books and columns. Edwards did no such thing. Coulter repeats the lie several times. This is typical Coulter style (or lack of style). Of course she won’t give up the cheap shots she uses, without them her books were be slim volumes indeed.

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