Monday, September 10, 2007

An insane cop who shouldn't be in his job.

This cop is an absolute moron. He has no business being a police officer. First, I think the kid in the car was coping an attitude but attitude is not a crime nor was he outrightly offensive. Listen to what this meglomaniacal police officer is saying. Among many things he says that he doesn't need a reason to pull people over and he admits that if he wants he will invent charges against people in order to punish them because he doesn't like their attitude. This is St. George, Missouri. This cop has mental issues.

You need to listen carefully. This police officer thinks he has the right to order people around arbitrarily. He is very clear. He says: "I bet I could say you resisted arrested or something. You want to come up with something? I come up with nine things." Supposed St. George earns a huge portion of its revenue by issuing "traffic violations" such as the phony charges this police officer threatens to issue. The officer searched the young man, without cause.

As I understand it this police officer was parked in the lot which was empty except for this vehicle which pulled in. Yet the police officer claims the driver is suspicious because of break-ins after midnight. No other car is there to break into and it is unlikely a thief would pull do so by parking not far from a police vehicle. The driver, Brett Darrow, asked what law he broke. The officer invents claims about not using his indicator, which the video shows he did use. And then the cop yells, "I will ruin your fucking night." His mental instability is clear when he keeps screaming: "Do you want try me young boy? Do you want to try me tonight young boy?" Clearly this officer has trouble with his only masculinity to continually degrade a 20 year old as a "young boy" and to keep trying to push the man into fighting him. This sort of tactic is generally seen with bar room drunks.

Darrow does not take the bait so the officer, believed to be named Kenline, threatens him: "Do you want to go to jail for some fucking reason I come up with?" He continues: "Do you wanna see who knows the law better, me or you. My experience compared to your young ass. Huh? Don't ever get smart mouthed with a cop again. I'll show you what a cop does. Do you understand me?" Show what a cop does?? Apparently what a cop does, according to this officer, is invent bogus charges because he feels slighted. At this point is when he threatens to invent a resisting arrest charge.

Then Officer Kenline goes back to trying to demean the young man. "You wanna try me know? Gimmie a little more lip. Come on boy give me some more lip. You're done." Constant references to the young man as a "boy" indicates precisely how insecure this office is. I suggest many officers enlist precisely because they have troubles with their own self-esteem and use the power of the law to coerce and intimidate people to make up for their own deficiencies.

When Darrow tries to tell him that he's friends with a local police officer then Kenline suggest he call his friend "and see what he says if you got lucky you'll walk away from me." When Darrow profusely apologizes repeatedly then Kenline's masculinity is assured and he starts to back down. He needed to beat up on someone to reassure himself. In addition he starts to calm down when he realizes the man he is intimidating has a video camera going recording his actions. Darrow apologizes for traffic offenses which the video shows he did not commit.

This is the second time something like this has happened to Darrow. In a previous incident police set up a drunk driving roadblock and started questioning drivers about where they were going. These are illegal questions. They can see if someone is driving impaired but not demand that people answer inform them about their plans for the evening. Darrow was threatened for politely refusing to answer these sort of questions. And his car video caught that on tape as well. You can read about the first incident, which we reported on last December, here. I note it is unlikely that the press or a court would believe Darrow without the video evidence to back it up. It is unfortunate that police officers like Kenline are willing to lie about the facts. But this is so pervasive that I'm almost at the point of assuming that anything the police say is a lie.

For those who think this officer ought to be fired for threatening citizens with bogus charges because he feels slighted you may contact the following people.

Mayor Harold Goodman, 314-256-0851
Police Chief Scott Uhrig 314-631-1295
Alderman Patrick Dotson 314-638-7465
Alderman Heather Hediger 314-544-8194
Alderman Carmen Wilkerson 314-638-3061
Alderman Paul Keene 314-631-5730
Alderman Herbert Pyne 314-638-3802
Alderman Nelda True 314-544-0744

UPDATE: the video produced numerous protests from the public and the police officer is now on suspension. Read more here.

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