Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Has Laissez Faire Books been rescued?

Many people have no doubt heard that Laissez Faire Books was closing. That announcement may have been premature.

I have heard that the current owner of Laissez Faire was approached by a libertarian organization wishing to purchase the organization in order to keep it operating. She has responded and said that she would be willing to sell the main assets for a specific amount. And the organization in question has told her that they will pay that amount.

So a precise offer was made by the owner and accepted by the would-be purchaser. In my world that is called a deal and all that remains is working out the payment.

So unless the purchaser pulls out at the last minute, or unless Laissez Faire changes the offer after it was accepted, then LFB ought to survive this bump in the road. I assume both sides will go ahead with the deal. But stranger things have happened. Once I have it confirmed the sale I will publish more information regarding the new owners and their plans. So watch this blog.