Thursday, March 13, 2008

Boy suspended from school and punished for candy.

It was just after lunch on February 26th when Michael Sheridan was approached in the school hallway by another boy. The other boy had his lunch box with him and he opened it to show Michael the little plastic bags of illicit substances. From the amount of cash in the lunch basket it was clear this dealer had an easy time selling to the other kids.

Michael handed over the cash and held the precious bag in his hand. One of the school administrators noticed the transaction and the heavy hand of the administration came down. Such things simply won’t be tolerated. These days very little is tolerated in the little fascist states that the public school administrators have established, their own personal fiefdoms where they can be the supreme social engineer manipulating the minds and lives of others to meet their authoritarian agendas.

Michael was approached by the Reichminister and told to empty his pockets for inspection. He complied and showed them the plastic bag filled with candy. It was a bag of Skittles, a legal candy sold everywhere except in those zones controlled by the health Nazis.

For his crime Michael was suspended from school for three days. (Personally I think he should have gone for a 365 day per year suspension myself, the less contact he has with the people who run the government schools the better.) He was supposed to attend a honors student dinner as well, clearly he is a felon in the making, but he was banned from that. And he stripped of being class vice president. All because some stupid woman got her bun in knot over him buying Skittles.

Reichfuhrer for health, Catherine Sullivan-DeCarlo, spoke on behalf of the government controlled school system. She said: “There are no candy sales allowed in schools, period.” Doesn’t she sound like the little dictators that infest the educational system today.

According to this Reichfuhrer the school principal, Eleanor “Benito” Turner “made it clear for months this was not to happen.” It’s hard to tell if they are more upset that he violated a stupid rule or because he didn’t pay them the deference they were demanding. The New Haven newspaper said:

Turner had repeatedly warned students that she would not allow any candy to be sold in schools, nor did she want money changing hands in school, said Sullivan-DeCarlo. She said it was her understanding that the student was suspended for insubordination, which is what the district considered the candy exchange.

So Principal Mussolini has also banned any exchange of money. Apparently she hates free markets as well -- no surprise considering the sad quality of unionized teachers in America today. The school also says that the candy violates their “wellness” regulations forced on all students because Nanny knows best. Turner herself refused to speak to the press, obviously she has a George Bush complex and doesn’t believe anyone has the right to question her.

It is a sad day for America’s kids when a student can be suspended, kept from a honor’s dinner and stripped of class office because he bought some candy. Parents who continued to let their children be moulded by government educationalists are only asking for trouble. Do everything and anything you can to send your kids to sane, private schools if you can find one. If you can’t then homeschool them. But get them out of the hands of little tyrants like Turner.

A note to libertarians in the New Haven area. Here is a chance to make a point. Buys lots and lots of candy and put together a day where you gather outside the school, on public sidewalks of course so they can’t say you are trespassing. Make sure you videotape everything lest some “official” from the school come to harass you. Have big signs protesting the tyrants who run the school. And have one sign saying “free candy”. Give out free candy to all the kids as they go into the school. A flyer protesting the absurdity of a school system regulating candy while failing to provide a decent education might be appropriate. It can also encourage parents to investigate private alternatives including home schooling. And you might as well demand the removal of Benito Turner from her office as well. Don’t forget to let the media know when you will be there

That isn’t asking too much, especially if you were one of these people who wasted time standing on street corners with those “Ron Paul rEVOLution” signs.

Meanwhile the rest of you who aren’t in the New Haven area shouldn’t be thankful you don’t have to deal with someone as absurd as Turner. Trust me, the local school district where you live has more than its share of little dictators. If you wish to express your disapproval then write to Turner directly: Keep your protests polite and non abusive but firm. Suggest she repeal her attempt to control the diets of children who are not her own. Demand that she reinstate Mr. Sheridan to his office as vice president of his class and that she apologize but being such a twit.

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