Friday, March 07, 2008

The outrage of state control.

This ad in the advertising section for my local grocery store has me outraged.

Today there are mothers shopping who count their pennies carefully and lament their inability to buy milk for their children. Food prices have skyrocketed in the last year or so -- almost entirely due to the interference of politicians into the food market. The reality is that governments, around the world, are starving people with their policies. Greedy politicians, like Hillary and Hubby, are responsible.

Read the ad carefully: "LOWEST PRICE the State Allows on 2 Gallon Purchase."

What bloody business is it of the government's if mother's are able to buy inexpensive milk? Of course kids don't give politicians fat contributions the way Big Agriculture does. The sad for most the developed world is that the "farming" sector has become a class of well-off, welfare-addicted parasites who have income redistributed to them from the working people. Sure, government is good at redistributing the wealth, but contrary to the Left's view, it mainly redistributes from the less well-off to the more well-off and from those who have one vote but little influence to those who are politically connected. Remember that every time the Left demands a program of redistribution because you know they will screw over the poor in favor of the powerful once again.

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