Thursday, March 06, 2008

McCain embracing the Theopublicans.

John McCain is so anxious to get the support of the Theopublicans that he is jumping into bed with some pretty loony individuals. This short report on his endorsement from televangelist John Hagee is one example.

Hagee is a proponent of the dulusional theory of "dispensationalism" which was invented in England by John Darby in the 1800s. Darby brought his theology to America where a large percentage of fundamentalists embraced it with enthusiasm. One result of dispensationalism is that American fundamentalists are more Zionist than the Zionists themselves -- as you will see here.

The funny thing about Hagee's claim that God killed people in the Katrina disaster to stop the gay parade in New Orleans is that the French Quarter of the city was hardly touched. Throughout the South the hurricane destroyed fundamentalist churches but the gay center of New Orleans was pretty much free of damage. Apparently God's eyesight just ain't what it used to be but then that is to be expected. After all he's supposed a Gazillion years old.

One thing you can say about this presidential election is that the candidates are really trying to outdo each other on how awful they can be. Just when Hillary and Obama pull their stupid antiNAFTA games McCain rescues them by looking worse with things like this. If people are so addicted to the idea that "voting matters" I hope they write in "None of the Above".