Thursday, March 13, 2008

Poll on Prostitutes and Politicians

The New Zealand Herald asked its on-line readers to answer yes or no to the following: "Would you expect a NZ politician to resign if they were found to have been visiting prostitutes?" 

My reply wasn't there. I wouldn't necessarily expect the politician to resign but I would think the prostitute ought to retire in shame. 

For the record, 54% of about 2,600 respondents said that they did not expect the politician to resign. In the U.S. voters couldn't answer the question. They would first demand to know what party the politician belonged to. Republicans would demand the Democrat resign while Democrats would demand that a Republican resign. In the New York situation Republicans were baying at the moon demanding Spitzer's resignation. When Republican Senator Vitter was caught doing the same thing, and pleaded God's forgiveness and his wife's, the Republicans were the first to forgive and forget.