Sunday, July 27, 2008

Will the Kentucky LP grow a pair?

Apparently the Libertarian Party of Kentucky might grow a pair of balls and remove the racist they are running for U.S. Senate. I only say apparently because the LP there hasn't yet made a decision.

After former porn star Sonny Landham made racist, anti-Arab remarks in his campaign the LP chairman in Kentucky described the views as just another one of the many views that libertarians can hold. It was just a disagreement. So libertarianism was anti-immigration and pro-immigration. (These days it appears that libertarianism is often for one position and for the polar opposite as well --- it's all part of being "principled" among the new libertarians.)

But a few days later the chairman of the LP changed his tune and said: "Obviously the party does not stand for that." That's a major shift and a welcomed one. However, there was a time when it would have been instantly clear that Landham was pushing views unacceptable to libertarians.

I have also read some claims which are disturbing but which I don't yet feel are sufficient to report as factual. So please note these are still undocumented in my mine, even if they fit. Various sites have reported that the Council of Conservative Citizens recently held a national conference outside Louisville and that Landham was a sponsor of the meeting and an activist with the group. You might remember that the CoCC was formerly known as the White Citizen's Council and remains a virulently racist, anti-Semitic organization to this day. By that I mean the CoCC is openly racist a blatant, KKKish manner not that they are merely "politically incorrect".