Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Public opinion poll throws cold water on warming theorists.

If Al Gore were in his grave, as he result of one the catastrophes he is shouting about, he’d be spinning so fast as to produce the energy needed for his power-hungry mansion. What would set St. Al of Gore into a passable imitation of a Whirling Dervish is the most recent poll on what the American public thinks of global warming theory.

The poll found that a plurality of Americans reject the notion that climate change is man-made. The poll, conducted a few days ago, found that 44% say that warming is “long term planetary trend” while 41% blame humanity.

While the point spread between the two positions is relatively minor the trend is rather clear. In July, 2006 the same poll found that 46% of the public then blamed mankind for warming and only 35% said it was the result of a long term trend. Support for the Gore theory dropped by 5 points while support for the natural theory increased by 9 points.

The polls found that woman are more panicky about warming than are men and that Democrats are far more concerned than independents or Republicans. Forty-six percent of the public thinks that environmental concerns conflict with economic concerns. That doesn’t bode well for an environmentalist agenda during the current downturn in the economy and may indicate a larger shift, down the road, against the Green agenda.

Only slightly over a third of the public wants to see energy consumption reduced with the majority wanting new sources of energy. One new source, widely supported by the public, is the old source of nuclear power, which is now supported by 55% of the public verses just 29% in opposition.

Numbers like this ought to send the Green-Left into a panic -- their natural state from all indications. The more the warming issue is debated the greater the trend away from their position. Economic conditions, and the belief that prosperity and environmentalism are in conflict, indicates that as the economy worsens support for Green measures will decline even more. And the solutions the public are not the conservation policies that Gore, et. al., advocate, but the increase of other forms of energy, especially nuclear power.

Even worse news is that a poll done by two political scientists from Texas A&M University showed that “more informed respondents... show less concern about global warming.” One of the pollsters said that this was the exact opposite of what he expected to find. He said that this trend “continued to appear regardless of how we modeled the data.”

A poll in the UK in 2007 found that of the 20 top “worries” global warming came in 9th. The same poll in 2008 saw warming fall to 17th on the list. The BBC reports that in 2007 more Brits were worried about dog shit and graffiti than warming.