Saturday, April 04, 2009

Isreali cabinet members have magical sex change.

I repeat a statement I've made a few times now: When there is no rational explanation for something look for an irrational explanation. And when you look for irrational explanations your best bet is to look for religion at work.

Consider our first photo of the current Israeli cabinet.

Below is the same photo. Notice the differences.

Two female cabinet members were removed from the photo and pictures of men, who are not in the cabinet, were put in their place. Bizarre and irrational. The second is how the photo appeared in a publication for ultra-orthodox Jews (ultra-orthodox means "extra crazy"). There are two such newspapers for the extra crazy. Yated Neeman, which published the doctored photo is one of them. The other paper for the extra crazies is Shaa Tova, it simply blacked the women out completely.

The ultra-orthodox claim that they change facts to exclude women because including them is demeaning and they value women highly. Right! This sort of bizarre thinking is common among ultra crazies in all religions. The antigay fundamentalist Christians write entire books demanding that gays be deprived their rights and then claim that they do this because they are the only people who "really love" gays. Of course, when religionists were burning so-called witches at the stake it was being done out of concern for their immortal soul.