Saturday, June 20, 2009

Barbara Boxer bitchies about being called Mam.

If I were speaking to anyone, be they a senator or not, I would politely refer to them as sir or mam depending on their gender. If a male senator asked me a question I may reply: "Yes, sir." If a female senator did the same I would say: "Yes, mam." This officer apparently did the same thing only to have Barbara Boxer slap him down for calling her "mam" insisting that she has to be called by the title "senator."

What a bitch! Any elected official who insisted on this is an arrogant prick. It is one thing to ask people to be respectful and polite, it is quite another to demand that you be referred to only by a title. Sorry, Babs, but you are just another citizen who got enough morons to vote you into office. That neither makes you smarter, wiser, or better than other people. You may be some of those things, but being elected is not what made you so. So, mam, get used to it.

This sort of "better than thou" mentality infests the political classes. And apparently Babs Boxer has a real bad case of it.

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