Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The Tragic Jackson Curse

Michael Jackson has always been a tragic figure who ofter bordered on the clownish—and sometimes crossed that border as well. Jackson was, in my view, a victim of his own family, particular the antics of his father. To put things in technical terms: Jackson came from a very fucked-up family. And the damage done to him by his parents lived on in him till the day he died.

I have to say that the most disgusting antics around the death of Jackson were those pulled by equally disgusting father, Joe Jackson. Joe pulled a stunt with the media. He called for a press conference, which was well attended due to the tragic circumstance. Then Jackson appears with that huckster, Al Sharpton, and basically turns the press conference into a commercial for some new business that Jackson wants to launch. What sort of cretin does that?

Joe, immediately introduced a business partner at this press conference and started plugging his company. He didn't seem the least bit upset about the death of his son. Joe's excuse for this behaviour was to lie. First, he said he only talked business because he was asked about. Right! The media of the world gathered on his doorstep because they wanted to know about business, not about the death of his son. And, if he only responded to a question then why preplan and bring his business partner along to promote the company? His lack of any emotion, he says, is because he's "crying on the inside." Perhaps he is, though one wonders if it is because his son died, or because a source of income died. Of course, con man Al Sharpton was there to defend the two-bit antics of his fellow huckster. He was cruel and abusive when Michael was alive, why expect things to change because he is dead?

Michael's body was barely cold. There was, and is, a great controversy about the cause of his death. There are all sorts of legal problems that face everyone connected with the singer. But Joe decides to use this as an opportunity to try and make some money. He is a man without a soul. But given the stories that have revolved around him for his entire life he appears to be walking garbage. And with vultures like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson circling the skies over the body one can only expect things to get more disgusting.

The real issue that ought to worry people is what will happens to "Michael's children." I put that in quotes as it is a legitimate question as to whether they were his children at all. All three children were born through artificial insemination. And none appear to be Jackson's biological children. There is even a question as to whether Jackson ever officially adopted any of them. What is known is that most of Jackson's estate will belong to the children. And that means they are of value. So Jackson's mother immediately filed for custody of the children. One wonders whether this 79-year-old assumes she can raise children at her age, or whether this is the best way to get ahold of Jackson's estate.

But even there it is questionable whether there is much of an estate considering how quickly Jackson has been going into debt. His concert tour this summer was supposed to help resolve his financial troubles. But there is no tour at this time -- though it is rumored that the Jackson family may perform in Michael's place. Whopee! That sounds as fun as.... well, not fun at all.

Unfortunately, if we are sick of hearing about the antics of the Jackson family, Michael's funeral won't put an end to it. Jackson appears to have left a right proper mess behind. And it will be years befor things are sorted out. And with the possibility of millions of dollars floating about you can guess the vultures, including Joe Jackson, will be circling for a long time to come. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are already jockeying to get noticed for a starring role in the big public performance that Joe Jackson is planning: the funeral of his son. It is all quite distasteful.

The tragic curse that Michael Jackson was one inflicted by a crue, violent, uncaring father who used his children in life and is now using them in death.