Thursday, October 15, 2009

Health Care BS from the Unions

Whole Foods has one of the best formulas for health care around. Yet it is under attack by the Left because John Mackey, the CEO, has written about private alternatives to state control. It is astounding to watch the protesters claiming that the Whole Food employees are just ignorant. What Mackey and Whole Foods offers is precisely the kind of policy I would want. It combines cash to the employee to cover small health care issues and then an insurance policy, with a higher deductible, to cover the rest. Employees are saying it is the best health care they ever had and the union hired picketer just calls them ignorant of the facts. All in all, who do you think cares about the health care of the employees most? Is it the union picketer or the employees?

I suggest the union moron just has another agenda and it isn't the health care of the employees. The other flash protesters doing their little dances just seem uninformed especially the one going on about how Mackey doesn't want his "Latino-based" workers to have health care. All the employees have health care. That is just Left-speak --- anyone who disagrees with their desire to have state control is merely a racist. Rubbish.

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