Thursday, November 12, 2009

Carrie Prejean is a child pornographer.

I am shocked. I just realized that Carrie Prejean, the pin-up girl (literally) of the Religious Righ,t is a self-confessed child pornographer!

By now it is well known that this moralistic, preachy busybody not only did raunchy pin-up photos but she also made a pornographic video tape of herself, all while she was a born-again Christian who wants to deny gay people rights because of "God's morality." Anyone know how to spell hypocrite? I doubt Carrie does.

I didn't follow the Prejean porn tape matter that closely. But, in one of the sites I read daily, there was a video of her being interviewed. She gave her typical weepy, "I'm a victim" speech and then she tried to justify her porn tape by "taking full responsibility for it" and mentioning she was 17-years-old when she made the tape for her boyfriend.

Let's ignore the fact that God's law, according to her, wouldn't allow her to be naked with a boyfriend at any age (only a husband) but what about the government's law? Under U.S. law any erotic video. of the nature that Prejean admits she made. is considered child pornography unless the performer is over the age of 18. By her own admission Prejean was under 18 years of age when she made the video.

This blog has covered the cases of numerous teens who have been arrested and convicted for child pornography for doing precisely what Prejean did. Those teens are forced to become registered sex offenders and face punishment for the rest of their lives. So, exactly why is Prejean exempt from the law that is imposed on all these other teens?

Common sense says she was not a child and the tape is not child porn. But the law doesn't rely on common sense, it relies on what politicians think they need to get reelected, not on rationality. Is Carrie Prejean exempt from the law? She admits she made the video. She admits she was under age when she did so. She admits it is pornographic. Legally she is an admitted child pornographer and, by law, ought to be on the sex offender registry as well.

But there are double standards. If she were just some oversexed high school boy taking a 3 second video of his girlfriend's breast, the prosecutors would be all over the case. She's a darling of the Religious Right. But, if the prosecutor did take her confession of being a child pornographer seriously, and did prosecute her according to the law would the Religious Right defend her? I would. But would they?

So far it appears no one, except this blogger, has noticed the fact that Prejean violated laws on child pornography. The women at The View, who were speaking to her when she made her confession, didn't seem shocked or horrifed and didn't think she was a child pornographer. The reason that no is noticing is because people are using common sense to consider the matter, not the legislation. Yet, others are selectively prosecuted under this law for doing things far less graphic than what Prejean admits doing. That Prejean's status as a sex offender is being ignored so far is an indication of exactly how out of sync our sex laws are with what the average person thinks. And it is the laws which need changing.

Photo: Carrie Prejean with her Bible, looking for a loophole.

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