Saturday, September 04, 2010

The Bottom of the Republican Barrel

Jan Brewer is the governor of Arizona, she is a Republican, and she is an absolute moron. She is living proof that politics is like a septic tank: the big chunks float to the top. This woman is so insane as to be almost unbelievable. I have covered some of her stupidity in the past but you need to see these excerpts. Brewer is a bigot against immigrants and has publicly lied about the immigration situation in Arizona numerous time, appealing to the worst attitudes of voters, especially Republican voters. She previously claimed that virtually Mexicans coming into the US without bureaucratic permission slips are under the control of drug cartels. She had zero evidence for it, it was just another lie meant to pander to bigotry.

Then she made the claim that headless bodies were cropping up in Arizona as a result of the nasty Mexicans. That too was a pure invention. She claimed: "Our law enforcement agencies have found bodies in the desert, either buried or just lying out there, that have been beheaded." She said "there are people all over Arizona living in fear."

But watch what happens when she is asked to retract the false statement. She evades, evades and evades. Asked to repudiate the lie she stares for a second and then changes the subject. And then she just refuses to answer. I'm not a great fan of Democrats but I would vote for the Democrat just because Brewer is so incredibly stupid. Now, consider if she is this stupid then how much dumber must be the Republicans who are likely to nominate her?

No headless bodies have been found in Arizona. Brewer later tried to claim that she never said it was in Arizona and then went on to claim it was in Mexico. But if that is what she meant, then our were "our law enforcement agencies" finding these bodies in another country? Arizona's law officials don't patrol Mexico.

The problem is that one tends to make absurd statements like this when one is appealing to the most bigoted of prejudices, which is what Brewer is doing. She has to repeatedly make remarks stoking the xenophobic views of the American Right in order to keep their support.

Brewer has been utterly incompetent and was headed for defeat due to mishandling of the state budget and her promotion of tax increases. She then jumped on the hate-the-Mexicans bandwagon and saw her popularity among Republicans increase dramatically. But hate is like a drug, one can become used to the dose and need a strong dose to elicit the same high as before. So the hate has to be continually magnified. That is what Brewer is trying to do, the problem is that she isn't smart enough to do without sounding utterly ridiculous.

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