Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Children and dogs and amputees! Oh, my!

Writer Wayen Besen recently attended a conference sponsored by various Right-wing religious groups in Lynchburg, VA—home of Jerry Falwell's university.

Besen attended on seminar given by Andrea Lafferty of the Traditional Values Coaltion. He says she warned the audience that American is on a slippery slope that will lead to protecting people who have sex with children, animals and amputees!

I suspect the large number of people who have lost a limb would find that remark rather insulting. More bizarre is the idea that sex with another human being, who has lost a limb, is somehow equal to screwing sheep. Given these parameters I guess I'll never find wedded bliss with the three legged puppy I've been dating. Seriously, these people are sometimes clueless about what they say. They talk before they think.