Saturday, September 11, 2010

Paranoia and Fear: What is Destroying America.

A toy horse is left by a playground, near a school. It is just a stuffed toy horse. But typical of the police state in which we find ourselves there is total and complete over-reaction. The paranoid police show up and put the nearby school into lock down. Dozens of police officers descend on the scene. The bomb squad shows up and the boys in blue use explosives to dispose of the dangerous stuffed horse.

How many tens of thousands dollars did these morons just flush down the toilet because they want to play Homeland Security.

Bin Laden long ago said that all he needed to do was engage in one terrorist attack on the United States and the political classes would then impose billions and billions of additional damage because of their paranoid over-reaction. Bin Laden never felt he could do the damage to America that he wanted to do, but he knew the political classes would do it for him.

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