Tuesday, June 07, 2011

More refuge, more envy.

In spite of what I said yesterday, about the malicious and envious of the world, who wish to tear down, I still find solace in talent. And this story of undiscovered talent is truly astounding.

If just half this story is true this is one of the more phenomenal discoveries on the various talent shows around the world. This is from Korea's Got Talent. Sung-bong Choi is 22-years-old. He is a manual laborer. His life was one of difficulty. At age three he was left at an orphanage, at five years of age he ran away because he saws they physically abused him. As a five-year-old he slept in stairways and public toilets. He sold gum and energy drinks on the streets to make money and feed himself. One day he was selling his wares in a nightclub when he heard a singer and decided that was something he wanted to do.

As I said yesterday, where there is talent, there is envy from those who lack, but wish they had it. And some immediately started throwing mud at this young man. They noted he attended an arts high school and pretended they uncovered a secret. In fact, his application mentioned this, and he mentions that high school was his first time in a formal school, and he notes he took "master classes" there. Draw your own conclusions.

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