Thursday, November 23, 2006

Ten-year-old suspended because he wanted a hug.

Aaron Perez is ten-years-old and he was thrown out of school. In the age of paranoia he was no doubt seen as a budding sex offender of some sort. His first offense was that he told a teacher he thought she looked sexy. He was officially reprimanded for that. His mother said he doesn't have any idea what "sexy" means and if you ask him what it means, something the school bureaucrats didn't do, they would find that he thinks that it means "you're pretty".

Well, obviously this put all of officialdom on the alert as they waited for the next major offense committed by this dangerous child. Two weeks later it came and he was thrown out of school because of it. The boy asked a teacher for a hug! Yes, a hug! The heavens have collapsed and hell is overflowing. Demons are tormenting us all because a small child asked for a hug!

In an era where the sexual morality of the extreme fundamentalists is now official school teaching anything physical is seen as sexual and everything sexual is seen as sinful. The real perverts are the people who see everything as sex! But sometimes a hug is just a hug.

The school principle, some clown named Ed Haillisey, refused to comment. He just said: "We dealt with this issue fairly, we dealt with this issue responsible, we dealt with this issue with parents, and we dealt with this issue swiftly." In turn I would say that anyone who thinks that a hug is an "issue" is either a moron, repressed, or a possible pervert himself! This man shouldn't be allowed anywhere near children. He's a bad influence.

The teacher is partly to blame though she could not suspend the boy herself. She is the one who reported the child saying that a hug "was inappropriate" and is "of a sexual nature". Is this woman serious? If she is under the impression that 10-year-old children are after her body should she even be teaching?

The parents say that Aaron "feels like he's a criminal. We told him you did nothing wrong, pleased on't feel that you're a criminal, because you know, he's afraid now, he doesn't want to have a female teacher. He says, 'Mommy I'm afraid that this is going to happen again, what am I supposed to do?' He's afraid to walk next to a female adult that's not me, his mon. That's the traumatization that he has in his head."

Anyone who has studied these matters will know this sort of atmosphere and the beliefs behind them create increased numbers of young adults who are maladjusted and potentially dangerous especially in sexual matters. As the US has gone bonkers with this new moralism I predict that a result of this will be a increase in sex offenders among those who grew up surrounded by this fear of human contact.