Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Drug cops gun down 92 year old woman.

In Atlanta police killed an elderly woman in what is looking to be another botched drug raid.

Kathyrn Johnston, 92 years old, lived alone and had been a resident of the house for 17 years. Police claim they purchased drugs earlier in the day. Police claim they announced who they were. Police always claims this regardless of the facts.

Rev. Markel Hutchins, a friend of the family, says Johnson need the gun for self-defense because the high amount of crime in the area. “She was afraid. This is a horrifying situation in a neighborhood where crime happens often. This incident is a result of a mix-up.”

Sarah Dozier, a niece of the dead woman, said: “I’m sure she panicked when they kicked that door down.” Dozier says she purchased the gun for her aunt, who a a license to carry the weapon. Family members say that they are convinced she only shot because three men were trying to get into her house. The police officers were not in uniform.

Now what would you do if you saw three armed men breaking down your door? Police know these tactics lead to needless deaths and they don’t give a damn.

One thing for Johnston. She was a damned good shot. She wounded all three of the men she apparently thought were attacking her. One of the police attackers was shot in the leg, was hit in the bullet-proof vest and had his face cut by another bullet. Another was hit in the leg and the third in the arm. All three of the police will live to raid more homes.

One police official called this a “tragic and unfortunate incident”. As long as police act the way they do there will be more such incidents.