Thursday, March 23, 2006

Another poll confirms gay marriage trend.

A couple of days ago I posted regarding the desire by conservatives to entrench heterosexual marriage in constitutions. I argued that the urgency of these measures is not the concern that "activist judges" would impose such laws but that the American people are changing their minds and moving away from the conservative view on the subject. While couched in terms about respect for the "democratic process" the moves are really an attempt to thwart future democratic changes. I discussed the Field poll in California on the issue showing change there.

Of course the Right has nothing but contempt for California and would ignore that poll. But a new Pew poll for the whole country has come out showing the same trend. In 2004 63% of Americans opposed gay marriage. Since then opposition has dropped by 12% to 51%. That is a huge drop for such a short period of time. The numbers saying they are "strongly opposed" has also fallen from 42% to 28%.