Tuesday, March 21, 2006

How Republicans plan to campaign.

The Republican Party has ended all pretentions that it is a limited government party. Conservative author Fred Barnes has written about what the GOP and the Religious Right are planning to try and win at the polls this Novemember. There is nothing about cutting federal spending. Nothing about reducing the size of government. It's all about bashing gays and promoting the fundamentalist moral agenda.

The US Taliban strikes again. Barnes says: "House Republicans, for their part, intend to seek votes on measures such as the Bush-backed constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, a bill allowing more public expression of religion, another requiring parental consent for women under 18 to get an abortion, legislation to bar all federal courts except the Supreme Court from ruling on the constitutionality of the Pledge of Allegiance, a bill to outlaw human cloning, and another that would require doctors to consider fetal pain before performing an abortion."

Republicans are aware that Bush is now the most unpopular president since Jimmy Carter and that current polls show well under a third of Americans support him. Far more voters wants to see Democrats running Congress and that has Republicans worried. And the Republicans don't want their candidates distancing themself from Bush. So instead they prefer a moralistic campaign for old fashioned theocracy.

Right-wing pundit Barnes has no problem with this agenda. He says there is no better alternative for the Republicans. In other words he doesn't think Repubolicans should try to push the ideas of Goldwater and Reagan. Those men are the Republican past and have no role in its present life.

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