Saturday, March 18, 2006

The unstated racism of French students

French students continue to act like spoiled brats over labour legislation which is unlikely to impact them in any way. The students at the Sorbonne continue to whine. But what does the law do?

It basically makes it easier to fire young workers, something now very difficult to do in France. Laws that make it hard to fire make it risky to hire. So when it is risky to hire who gets shunned? Not graduates from the Sorbonne. When you raise the cost of hiring then employers are less likely to hire workers that deem as riskier. What makes someone a riskier employee?

It could be things like work history. It could be education. It could simply be basic prejudices, founded or unfounded.

The most desired young workers have nothing to fear. Only the least desired young workers get shafted. An employer faces a "risky" employee but knows he can fire them if they don't work out. If that is is the case he is more likely to hire him.

Imagine a law that made it illegal to sell a car within two years of purchasing it. What would happen? Car prices would go up. More people would buy new cars and lots of people would avoid used cars as much as possible. The same with employees. So the young unemployed child of immigrants with bad French will get turned down over and over. Not the Sorbonne elite.

These left-wing whiners are pushing for laws that harm racial minorities, immigrants and the less educated most of alll. The law has huge negative impaact on the young from these groups and no impact on the social elite at the Sorbonnes. Shame on the students. If the French people had any sense they would kick these whiners butts and send them to bed without their supper.

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