Friday, March 17, 2006

Czech them out!

The Czech Republic has joined the line up of enlightened nations to recognize same-sex relationships. A domestic partners law had previously passed parliament. But President Vaclav Klaus, in violation of his own liberal principles, had vetoed the legislation. That is sad as normally Klaus is pretty good.

But the good thing is that the parliament voted to overturn the veto. Klaus had first claimed that the legislations led to over regulation of the private lives of people. But his real reasoning came out when he his veto was was repealed the parliament. Klaus then reverted to the illiberal, conservative viewpoint calling this "a defear for all of us who believe that the family in our society is fundamental, unique, unrivalled." Apparently Mr. Klaus doesn't think that gay couples are families.

The Czech Republic is one of the most free nations in Eastern Europe. As an example of a nation that has adopted a more classical liberal view of things this legislation is merely an extension of that liberalism. Good for the Czechs. Let's hope that Klaus is more consistent with his liberalism in the future.

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