Saturday, March 18, 2006

Torture revelations almost on a daily basis.

Andrew Sullivan, a conservative writer, has been very unhappy of late. More and more revelations regarding the US policy of torturing people is making it to the public. He, unlike the die hard conservatives, is deeply offended that the US is being tarnished so deeply by these actions. Worse yet it is becoming more and more apparent, as if it wasn't already obvious, that this policy of torture is condoned and encouraged from the highest levels of the US government. Of course Right-wing fanatics immediately throw up terrorism. But these tactics are not being used against just terrorists but against people which the military merely suspect of having information. And, as the Inquisition found out, you kill people and you gather bad information. A suspect will confess merely to stop the pain even if he has nothing to confess. I recommend reading Sullivan's blog here