Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Islamic Republic of Georgia, USA

The similarities between fundamentalists of all stripes is astounding. Most fundamentalists live in the sad South. It is one part of the US that I most particularly suggesting passing up when possible. Now take this new law from the state of Georgia. If anything the fundies love laws --- lots of laws and regulations and rules and controls.

Well some elected twit, Sen. Vincet Fort, has discovered a vicious menance. He found a lolly that is supposed to taste like marijuana. The key here is that this is about "taste" and taste only. This is not an illicit drug. This is supposedly only a taste. Whether it is or not I don't know. And I have to admit I wouldn't know what marijuana tastes like. I will trust the Senator knows.

But this twit wants the taste made illegal. In a hysterical fit he calls this "dope candy" that is a "gateway product to other drugs." What has this man been smoking?

Buying into the prohibitionist fear mongering this "official" whines: "Our message is to children to be clear and unambiguous, using drugs and alcohol is not okay for people." Alcohol too! Is he a total puritan? Now I don't know anyone who wants children to use alcohol or pot. But alcohol isn't illegal for adults so I have to wonder why he's throwing this in. Though it is rhetoric that plays well on the Hallelujah Circuit.

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