Wednesday, March 22, 2006

What's wrong with the French?

The French government seems to attract the worst or the worst. And the French people themselves seem to follow the most idiotic policies on the planet. They seem to pride themselves on their antiquated, neo-Marxist absurdities and they take to the streets with the slightest of provocations. Of course their sad country is turning into a basketcase as a result. Too bad.

One thing the French seem to hate is success. They do their best to stifle it and stamp it out when ever they see it. Take their hatred for Apple's IPod. Here Apple invents a product that expands the ability of people to listen to music. The French hate it because it fills a niche in the market and it succeeds. And the French only have a love for failure -- which is why they are so good at it.

The spiteful French politicians wanted to force Apple to give the technology it invented to competitors so that songs downloaded from Apple can be played on other players. Apple said that they would stop selling their product in France rather than do this. So the silly little men who run the French government have decided to try to push for a law that would strip Apple of its property rights in all of Europe.

The misnamed "Minister of Culture", Renaud Donnedieu de Vabres (see the picture), says that to spite Apple France will push for these laws in all the other nations of the EU as well. That they even have a "minister of culture" indicates that they are in decay. Thriving nations don't need bureaucrats managing their culture. But the French manage everything --- badly. This is one reason the nation has some of the highest unemployment rates in Europe. France is one of the worst run nations in the West but that never seems to stop them for lecturing everyone else. Apparently they are only happy if they can impose their own errors on others. As the saying goes: Misery loves company.

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