Wednesday, August 30, 2006

"Victim of sexism" tries pole dancing instead.

Polly Courtney worked for Merrill Lynch in London but she quit her job complaining the men were "sexists". She has written a fictional account of her experiences with this "sexism".

So what did Polly rush off to do for "fun". She's a pole dancer. That's her in the photo. On one website she wrote: "Sold my soul to the City [London's finance district], quit banking. Now writing fiction set in the City, working in FYEO nights." That is the abbrevition for For Your Eyes Only, which is a table dancing establishment.

But Polly says she "was just being sarcastic" and "I'd never do anything like that." Apparently never doesn't mean never as she also said: "I have done pole dancing a few times with friends for a laugh, but it's not a regular hobby or anything." I hope she writes better than she speaks. But then maybe she doesn't. The publisher she is using also specializes in a "self-publishing programme for authors of any subject." This could explain why she is hyping herself so heavily and giving contradictory interviews. And according to this web site her book is indeed published by Matador Fiction which is the "self-publishing" imprint of the company. Sounds like just another con job using "sexism" as the excuse.