Thursday, September 14, 2006

Labour smearbund goes into action in New Zealand.

The most corrupt government in New Zealand history continues to sink to new lows. Remember the situation here. Labour leaders illegally used up to $800,000 in state funding for a campaign pledge card they sent out.

The funds were earmarked only for use regarding their parliamentary activities not for the election. New Zealand has strict limits on what a party may spend in an election and Labour was trailing in the polls. So they took the gamble of stealing $800,000 in state funds in the hopes of swinging enough last minute votes to cling on to power. And they just barely managed to do that.

Then they got caught. Then they announced they have no intention of paying the funds back even if they were illegally used. Then they said that were looking at passing new law to retroactively approve their breaking the old law. This is pure and utter corruption.

Then in parliament the sleazy Labour politicians, going right up to the top, started making innuendoes that unless the opposition National Party stopped making noise about the wholesale theft of $800,000 in taxpayer funds (along with the theft of the election they won by spending those funds) that they would reveal smears on National Party individuals.

It is claimed that the government has hold of stolen emails taken from the leader of the National Party, Dr. Don Brash. Labour’s poodle in parliament, Winston Peters (a sleazy bigoted nationalist socialist) has already revealed one such email in the past. These emails could only be obtained by theft! But then after you steal $800,000 why worry about a few emails.

But Labour has been regularly dropping hints they have more emails and intend to use them to destroy Brash if necessary.

The Labour smearbund was already at work spreading a story that Brash was having an affair with Diana Foreman the Deputy Chairwoman of the free market Business Roundtable. These are accusations that Foreman’s husband has called “rubbish” and which Foreman herself said were “insulting”.

Labour hatchet man, Minister Trevor Mallard was the worst of the sleaze mongers. When Brash rose in parliament to ask a question the despicable Mallard shouted out: “How’s Diane this week.”

When Brash mentioned the case of a Labour MP who was taking cash payments from people to perform parliamentary services he called it the “Phillip Field affair” and Mallard shouted out: “Speaking of affairs...” Helen Clark, the leader of Labour smugly allowed this to happen and then pretended she had nothing to do with it.

To whom do the Labour smearbund turn in order to have the knife thrust in Brash’s back. None other than another Right-wing Religionist. Brash is basically a libertarian and this riled the Religious Right which wanted him on board for their bigoted campaigns against gays, their fanatical campaign against legalised prostitution and such social matters.

Now you would think Labour, which supported these things, would be pleased to have an Opposition leader who helped them win what they purported to want. But Brash is well ahead in the polls. Labour can’t afford to have anything go wrong. They can’t pay the $800,000 in stolen funds. They can’t discipline the corrupt MP taking funds from voters because they can’t afford losing one single vote in the House. So they attempt to divert everyone's attention by smearing Brash.

And National MP Brian Connell
was the one who obliged them. He made the accusations against Brash in a National Party caucus and said Brash was unfit to lead his party. Connell is a moral extremist from the fringe Religious Right of the party. He is a nobody in National and appears to be headed nowhere but down from there. But he can smear.

So he took the accusations that Labour was fuelling and went into caucus with them. Connell made some of the most bigoted remarks about homosexuals during the Civil Unions debate in parliament. It would be hard to find anyone more hateful than him on the issue. And he didn’t like Brash’s tentative support for the measure.

Before Brash National was a nothing party sitting around 20 percent in the polls. Brash took the party from zero and almost to hero when he got within one percent of winning the election.

It should be noted that the religious extremists from fundamentalist circles in New Zealand are just as vicious and cruel as those in the US. But they are a small minority of the total population. While they purport to oppose Labour and Helen Clark if they can knife someone in the back, and momentarily appear to have some power, they will do so even if the person most helped by the measure is Clark and her Labour Party.

Labour whines about the right to privacy and how a person’s private life is their own business. But they will use anything they can to smear opponents in order to stay in power.

After the accusations were made public, by whom still remains unknown, Brash asked for a few days off from parliament to spend with his wife. He said he was committed to his marriage and to making it work. Labour doesn’t care about the marriage, they don’t care about his wife. They don’t care about his young son. They care about power. And the "pro-family" crowd have that in common with Labour. It is one reason they are happy to work together provided they can draw blood in the process.

PS: If Mr. Brash did have an affair, and I have no way of knowing, then I would note that it is his business and that of his wife, the woman he would have had the affair with, and her husband. No one else! It is not the slimy media's business. It is not the business of the sanctimonious, righteous prick Connell and it is not the business of the sleaze merchants in Labour. Clinton's affair was not the public's business and this wouldn't be either. That Labour sinks this low is an indication of how desparate they are to divert attention from their own theft of $800,000.