Sunday, September 10, 2006

Scare the hell out of them.

There is absolutely no reason for the American voters to cast a ballot for the Republicans -- no logical reason I should say. If you are for small government you can't vote Republican as they are worse on the issue than the Democrats. So the Republicans have been steadily falling in the polls.

Now the Bungler in Chief is madly rushing around to give speeches -- always a dangerous thing for him since he has the unique ability to sound utterly stupid in the process. But he has to do it. He has to scare the hell out of the voters if his party is not to suffer a totally humiliating defeat.

With the anniversary of the worst terror attack in history Bush is intending to wave the bloody flag constantly over the next week. He supposedly has credibility in fighting terror. Why? The 9/11 attack happened on his watch. He was president not Bill Clinton and when informed he sat there looking like some deer in a headlight. Without any handlers to tell him what to do he did nothing. He sat in a stupor holding a story book about a goat. Then he finally ran like a scared rabbit and went into hiding until he was assured it was safe to come out.

When he finally made it to New York City where the worst attack took place he promised to capture the "people" responsible for the attack. After five years he hasn't come close to doing that. The main terrorists killed themselves in the attack and bin Laden, who is financially responsible continues to laugh in the face of the victims. He laughs because Bush has ignored him! Instead the Presidential Dunce played "get even" with Saddam Hussein who had nothing to do with the attack. Even Bush finally admitted that.

Yet if he scares the shit out of Americans by reminding them of the attacks over and over they seem to call him "strong" and support goes up. Almost as many Americans have been killed by the Bush fiasco in Iraq as were killed on 9/11. In reality he has not accomplished anything to capture the man responsible for the attack. He isn't even trying anymore. He benefits from bin Laden being free so he can pull out the old farts ugly face and shout: "Vote for me or the bogey man will get you!" And like terrified, immature, uneducated children Republicans rush to the polls and do that. And for good measure Bush appeals to the raw hatred of his "core supporters" for gay men and women. What a disgrace to the human species this clown has become.

Bush will tour the three sites where people died. People forget that all three sites the federal government under the "strong" leadership of Bush did absolutely nothing to stop the attacks. It floundered around helplessly the same way Bush handled the Katrina disaster in New Orleans. Why should that be any different? If you have the same incompetent and amazingly simple-minded "leadership" you will get the same results. Only one attack failed to accomplish it's goal and that was the plane with crashed in Pennsylvania and it failed because the passengers themselves fought to retake the plan. They took action while Bush was heading to his rabbit hole to hide. In a sea of Bushian incompetency this was an island of common sense and action.

No doubt Bush and the Republican SS locals will orchestrate their fear campaign. As he has disgracefully done since he first ran for office they will use the mighty coercive power of the state to silence anyone who opposes his fear mongering. No protesters will be allowed anywhere near the Riefenstahlesque "Triumph of the Will" visuals that Rove and his cronies intend to create. They will set up a First Amendment Free Zone around the con man from Texas.

If Bush had any self-respect, which obviously he doesn't have but then he doesn't deserve it, he'd admit to the public he is a bungler who screwed up every task ever given to him. He doesn't have the intelligence his job requires. He doesn't have the common sense necessary. He lacks the personality of a competent leader but then that makes in on par with his abilities in general. He held one brief office before being put in the White House by an obviously insane electorate. And the one main task he promised to carry out, the capture of those responsible for 9/11, he's failed at. He failed on 9/11, he failed to capture bin Laden, he failed in Iraq, he failed with Katrina, he failed when it came to the budget, he failed to keep government from growing, he failed his understanding of the Bill of Rights. Hell, he failed in understanding virtually all of the limited functions of government outlined in the Constitution as a whole.

He is the closest thing to a fascist the American people have had to endure since FDR sullied the White House with his presence.