Monday, October 09, 2006

Lying Congressmen defend imaginary pages

Apparently some Congressman, on both sides of the aisle, are not happy claiming that Mark Foley sent inappropriate e-mails to pages above the age of consent. They are now inventing pages who don't exist and claiming they were involved. What makes these page fictional? As stated previously, and as is widely known, to apply for the position of page one must be a minimum of 16 years of age. No one young can apply!

But that doesn't stop the dishonest vermin that infest Washington, DC from inventing pages below the minimum age for the position. The Washington Post reports a debate betweeen two Congressvermin on the matter. Rep. Jack Kingston, of the Theorcratic Republic of Georgia, said: "What I don't understand is where have these e-mails been for three years? Are we saying that a 15-year-old child would have sat on e-mails that were triple-X-rated for three years and suddenly spring them out right on the even of an election? That's just a bit too suspicious, even for Washington, D.C."

What 15-year-old? None exist in this scandal. And the very explicit e-mails that were released so far went to a someone who was closer to 19 than to 18 years old. Kingston has distorted the age of the page significantly in order to make his conspiracy theory questions sound more plausible. In other words he is distorting the facts for political gain. But then the whole Foley case is about distorting the facts for political gain.

Rep. Martin Meehan, of the People's Republic of Massachusetts, replied: "Only in Washington, D.C., can you take a group of people in charge of the House and basically have evidence that they've been looking the other way while a predator has been... going after 15- and 16-year-old pages....." Again the imaginary 15 year old is invented for political gain. This time the goal is to smear Republicans by making the Foley scandal sound far worse than it really is. Not only are there no 15 year old pages in existence but the evidence doesn't indicate that Foley tried to have sex with a 16 year old. We have e-mails he sent to a someone who was over 18 and we have one sexual encounter with someone who was 21 at the time.

There are allegations that one page who was 16 received e-mails from Foley that eventually became sexual. But when they became sexual is not clear and since the "victim" is anonymous we don't know his age. We know that at some point during the exchanges he turned 17 years old. Did the more suggestive, but relatively mild, come after that time or before? With anonymous complainants being given full credibility without anyone being able to verify the facts we simply don't know. Now we do have other sources, pages themselves, who claimed that no page received such emails while still working in Congress. And since they work for one year and must be 16 years old to work there that would imply that anyone who got the sexual e-mails from Foley had to be at least 17 years old at the time. So I think we are safe to say there were no 16 year olds involved and the claims of anyone being 15 is just pure fantasy by dishonest Congressman seeking publicity for their own agenda.