Saturday, November 04, 2006

Video of the deceit, voice of Haggard

One reporter did track down Haggard and got this video interview with him. You will see him making the claims that he went to a prostitute but only for a message. And he says it is his voice on the voice messages left on the prostitute's phone. He said he called for drugs but threw them out. And he clearly indicates this happened several times. You can watch the interview here.

He immediately states that he is glad his accuser failed his polygraph test. The reporter says that is not entirely true. And it isn't. Now remember Jones volunteered for the test. No one was making him take it. So he was confident in his story. The administrator of the test said that Jones came into the test emotionally upset and after sleepless nights and not eating. The administrator of the test also said that this could give a false reading and that while the test indicated some possible falsehoods on his part it could also be reflecting his emotional state, lack of sleep, etc. That was what the administrator of the test said. Notice that Haggard is not volunteering to get a lie detector test (by the way I think them too unreliable myself).

Watch Haggard's face when he's answering the questions. I just don't think he looks truthful. And giving this to pastor friends of his to investigate screams of a whitewash. Impartial judges are needed not buddies who have incentives to push Haggard's story.

If you want to listen to Haggard's voice mail messages to Jones you can listen here and here. You will see why he admitted it was him. You can tell it is him.

Also in relation to lying here. We know a lot of what Jones said has been verified. We know that Haggard's initial denials were all lies. We have the possibility that Jones lied about one thing, the sex, but that is not clear. But of the facts that have been determined so far we know Jones has been far more truthful than Haggard who only confessed once it was revealed he was taped and who denied it before hand. He claimed he did not know Jones, never hired him and never bought drugs. Now he admits all of that was lie. I'm still betting he had sex with Jones.