Sunday, January 07, 2007

Communists denounce gays.

The Religious Right and the Communists have a lot more in common than is usually assumed. The "moral majority" issues of Falwell have often been taken up by authoritarians on the Left as well. Castro did what the fundamentalists dreamed about -- rounded up homosexuals and put them in prison. Now the Maoist guerrillas who are about to completely take over the poor nation of Nepal have started to focus their attention on issues such as "social pollution".

The guerrillas are attacking polygamy, drunkenness, pornography and gays. Communist cadres that patrol the streets have told home owners that they must not rent rooms to gay men or lesbians. A gay rights group met with the Maoist leader Dev Gurung who told them that "homosexuality is a product of capitalism. Under socialism this kind of problem does nto exist." This is not unsimilar to the position taken by socialist dictator Robert Mugabe who has repeatedly attacked homosexuals.

Under the previous dictatorship homosexuals were targeted as well and many of them hoped the Maoists would be better. Obviously not. But historically the Far Left has been very antigay when in power and progay when seeking power.

The Far Left and the Theocratic Right are both enemies of a free society where individual rights are respected. Every would be dictator knows how convenient it is to scapegoat gays. Just ask George.