Friday, May 11, 2007

Down the memory hole.

First, you ought to read the article I originally posted below about Homeland Security and their definition of terrorist. Here is something interesting. I told a friend about this posting and what was on the Homeland Security website in Alabama. He found it hard to believe. I read him the material word for word. His immediate response was: "That's shocking. Take a pdf of the page before it disappears and they deny it was ever there." Now this is not someone inclined to such statements so I took it seriously.

Now I learn that the page disappeared from the web within a few hours of my posting about it. It could be a coincidence of course. But I get a message saying "The page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable." And that is the Homeland Security message on the page itself. I won't postulate a theory as I don't know why it disappeared for sure but I'm glad I took my friend seriously. Below are two copies of the page in question, the one that has vanished. To bring this up to full size click on them. That will allow you to read the page. I have overlapped the two pictures, since I couldn't get them in one shot. This allows you to see that the second photo is of the same page.

Also there is always the possibility that this site could have problems of one kind or another. So please feel free to make your own copy by downloading these images. Show them to friends, send them out, reprint them. The more sites that do so the less likely anyone will be able to pretend these pages never existed.

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