Saturday, May 12, 2007

The UN joke of the day.

The United Nations is often ineffective and we ought to be thankful for that. It is often dominated but nations run by thugs and criminals. And depeding on what you think of Bush you might say it is always dominated but such people.

Here is the UN joke of the day. Zimbabwe has been elected to head the UN’s Commission on Sustainable Development.

Let us be clear. The government of Zimbabwe is gang of thugs and thieves that murders and plunders the poor people of Zimbabwe. They don’t deserve UN office, they deserve a noose.

One of the reason that many nations (but not all) in Africa are such hell-holes is because of deranged dictators like Robert Mugabe. There was once a time that Zimbabwe was a prosperous nation and not that long ago. Today there is famine. Mugabe has destroyed food production by through his “collectivization” efforts. He is currently having his political opponents, beaten, tortured and murdered.

Exactly how can this failed nation talk about sustainable development. They can’t speak of any development. Their experience is in destroying development and spreading poverty and misery. Just recently the government of Zimbabwe announced that electricity will only be available 4 hours per day. Food shelves are empty. Several hundred thousand people were forced out of their homes by Mugabe and made homeless. In recent years GDP has shrunk by 35%.

When I was last in Zimbabwe it was a relatively peaceful and prosperous nation, and that was just a few years ago. This destruction and death was caused by the demented Mugabe and now the UN honors this tyrant by giving Zimbabwe a leadership role.

If the UN has such high opinions of Zimbabwe I would heartedly suggest they move their headquarters to Harare. It certainly would improve New York City if they left. I would also think the US should defund the UN, but the reasons for that are legion. At the very least the US should have a junior representative at the UN, ask them to relocate outside the US and end their funding.

For current information on the tyranny in Zimbabwe I suggest reading The Worst of the Worst: The World’s Most Repressive Societies 2007 (PDF) by Freedom House.

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