Thursday, November 08, 2007

Angry in-law gets innocent man deported as terrorist.

Apparently if you have grudge against someone the dotards in Homeland Security are ever so willing to help you carry out it out. AFP news service reports on a story in the Swedish daily Sydsvenska Dagbladet.

Allegedly a man, in the process of divorcing of wife, needed to travel to the United States on business. She insisted that he not go saying she was not feeling well and insisting that the take care of their children. The man ignored that request and took his flight to the U.S. as planned.

His father-in-law was not happy with this and decided to send an email to U.S. officials asserting, without any evidence, that his son-in-law was an al-Qadea operative. He told the U.S. authorities what flight his son-in-law was taking.

Upon arrival in the United States the man found himself under arrest, handcuffed and interrogated and held in a jail cell until he was deported.

The father-in-law is now in trouble in Sweden but claims that they he didn’t think the “authorities were so stupid that they would believe anything.”

Is this the sort of evidence the government finds sufficient to arrest people and deport them? The father-in-law offered no evidence whatsoever yet his email was sufficient reason for the government to act. And I have to wonder if it is possible to illicit this same sort of response from anonymous complaints as well.

If this story is true then it ought to worry anyone who has the misfortune of flying the unfriendly skies of the the United Soviets of America. It would mean that anyone who wanted to harass you could pop into an internet cafe and send off an anonymous tip claiming you are a terrorist. And when you try to catch your flight, or you land, you could find yourself being harassed by the travel gestapo and all done without a shred of evidence.

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