Saturday, March 15, 2008

Cheers for Sir Roger Douglas

I see that Sir Roger Douglas, the architect of the reforms that put New Zealand's economy back together are years of destruction by the welfare state, has announced that he will stand for parliament again with Rodney Hide's Act Party.

New Zealand is heading into another election and it is clear that the corrupt government of Labour's Helen Clark will be ousted -- so no doubt Clark will delay the election to the last minute. Unfortunately the National Party, which was revived under the libertarian leadership of Don Brash, now has a weak-kneed leader who thinks that being in the "opposition" means adopting all of Labour's policies but just a bit less. Kiwis need Act since National is useless again. Act deserves the votes of any Kiwis concerned about individual freedom, both social and economic. No other party in New Zealand, in my humble opinion, is worth supporting.

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