Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Cold weather a sign of warming?

Last year was an usually cold year. And things may stay that way a bit longer. So what caused the cold snap? At least one politician is attributing the cold weather to global warming. Suresh Prabhu is India's minister for the environment. He was rec ntly at a "Combat Global Warming" conference. According to one local news source: "Prabhu said the cold wave that swept Maharashtra and other parts of India could be attributed to the phenomenon of global warming."

Global warming is an interesting theory. I have failed to find any advocate of warming who can tell me what it would take to disprove their theory. I don't pretend to "know" what the precise cause of global climate changes are. I suspect they are natural because such fluctuations have been taking place for as long as we know. I don't rule out that it could be man-made, that certainly seems like it could be a reasonable theory. I just have no idea what proponents of man-made warming would accept as evidence contradicting the theory. As far as I can see everything that happens is either caused by man-made warming or unrelated to it. Some, such as this environmental minister, go so far as to attribute global cooling to global warming.

It is at moments like this that I have to suspect that what we have is a political "solution" looking for a problem. That is the advocates of this theory have "solutions" already outlined, most of which require large amounts of new regulations, controls, taxes and central planning. And now they are coming up with a "problem" which will justify the "solution" they wish to impose. Of course not all warming theorists think this way but I suspect that much political support for theory comes from that motivation. If any readers knows of a post by warming theorist which indicates what sort of evidence would be sufficient to disprove the global warming theory I'd like to know about it. And to be precise, I'm not saying that no such statement has ever been made, I'm just say that I have yet to come across it. And no advocate of the vogue warming theory has yet pointed it out to me.

The Indian article also quoted an environmental scientistsk, Emmanuel D'Silva, as saying: "It is estimated by the year 2050, another seven million persons are expected to take refuge in Mumbai after global warming leads to either a drought or deluge in their village or city elsewhere in the country." I think it pretty safe to say that this statement will easily be proven true. Sometime over the next 42 years, someplace in India will have either a drought or flooding. You can bet on that.