Thursday, July 31, 2008

Kentucky sell-outs may embrace bigot again.

For a brief moment it appeared that the Kentucky Libertarian Party actually remembered what it means to be a libertarian. But just as I was starting to think they got something right the bloody unprincipled morons who run the LP once again proved themselves unworthy of any support.

As you may remember the LP in Kentucky nominated another one of those extreme, has-been Republicans as their Senate candidate. The man, Sonny Landham, is a bigot, a racists, and generally disgusting politician who is so disgusting that not even the Republicans want him.

Landham made bigoted remarks against everyone of Arab descent and advocated a massive increase in US war making. He is also anti civil liberties so he is not a libertarian by any stretch o the imagination. But the LP has become so flexible about principles these days any bigot in Sunday-go-to-meeting sheets can run for office.

The gutless state chairman of the KY LP first claimed that Landham's bigotry was just merely a difference of opinion. Of course it was, you can't have a difference of principles if you don't have principles. Then as the stink got worse they dumped Lanham from the LP ticket. That was the one decent thing I've seen from the LP in a long time.

But that fit of principles didn't last long. Now the state chair is saying that if they remove this bigot as the LP candidate then he won't get to run for the Senate at all. So they are now reconsidering their disendorsement to save Landham's campaign.

Why? Exactly why should they give a bigot ballot status as a libertarian? Landham should never have been nominated. He was clearly anti-libertarian right from the start. But the whores that run the LP in Kentucky wanted him because he is a washed up actor and Republican-reject and that is as good as they could find. See, they aren't trying to get libertarian ideas out. That goal has been scuttled. Now the goal is to maximize votes no matter how badly libertarian principles get twisted along the way.

Maybe, in the end, they will do the right thing. That they are having so much trouble deciding what is the right thing is itself a strong indicator that these sell-outs have utterly corrupted the LP. These people are doing to libertarianism what George Bush has done to the Constitution.

I urge my fellow libertarians to leave the LP. Stop making contributions to this organization. And don't vote Libertarian. The Libertarian Party is now destructive of libertarianism itself. It is libertarian in name only and unworthy of any support.

Photo: I may be mistaken but I think the photo might be the first taken of the 2010 slate of candidates for the Kentucky Libertarian Party.