Saturday, August 09, 2008

After Jaws, who is scared of a barracuda?

The main ingredient in the political campaign of the Right today is fear. They hope to scare people into voting Republican. I can understand why. Only sheer panic could explain a Republican vote. Republicans today campaign entirely on the negative side of things.

They want to bash immigrants, bash gay couples, conjure up images of terrorist attacks, and present Barack Obama as somewhere to the Left of Stalin.

I have no love for Obama. And there is nothing as absurd as the self-absorbed dribble about Obama, coming out of the mouth of Andrew Sullivan -- one of the most comedic figures on the Right today. The so-called Obamacons are a rather silly lot. They actually have no reason to promote Obama other than he isn’t a Republican.

As far as I can see that is no reason to vote for Obama. I won’t. But I sure as hell won’t vote for any Republicans either. I’m staying home. Why should I waste a vote on the rubbish that is presented to us as a choice.

As for a protest vote for a third party, see my previous statement. This is the first time I won’t even consider a protest vote for the Libertarian Party. They sold out their principles and the sort of candidates they are running these days are just an embarrassment. You have to be in pretty bad condition to nominate a shyster like Barr and a clown like Root.

The Constitution Party is the worst of the Republicans on steroids. They are more hepped-up on Jesus and more bigoted than the typical Republican.

The response from conservatives at the idea of not voting is one of shock and horror. “But, but, but,” they stammer on, “Obama might win.”

So what!

Really, how could Obama be much worse than the imbecilic, prevaricating, power-mad authoritarian that the Republicans have put in the White House for the last eight years?

And that really is the problem the Republicans have. Exactly how do you scare people with Obama after they watched the buffoonish Bush in operation.

Obama is supposed to be for big government. And I oppose big government. Of course the major cheerleaders for big government for the last eight years have been the Republican Party. Obama doesn’t support “limited” government. Bush has promoted unlimited government and engaged in open treason against the Constitution. And Republicans have continued to support him doing just that.

Maybe Obama will make government bigger. But then the Republicans have made it much easier for that to happen. They broke the bank, they violated the Constitution, they spit in the eye of liberty for the last eight years and now they want to scare us with Obama. Obama doesn’t scare me, I’ve lived through George Bush.

Obama will be bad. He is honestly bad. He tells us how bad he is. George Bush was dishonestly bad. He told us one thing and did the opposite. He said he was promoting freedom when he was destroying it. George Bush will go down as a man who pushed America farther toward a police state than anyone in American history. And he lied repeatedly to the public.

What is absurd is that the Far Left, especially some of the media pundits, are saying the election is a vote against free enterprise. They are actually pushing the lie that George Bush had a free market policy! In all truth Bill Clinton was more a free marketer than George Bush. The media understands that Bush lied about the war, about Iraq, about weapons of mass destruction, etc., but then they assume he was suddenly honest about his love for freedom and capitalism. Bush was liar across the board. He lied about everything.

In my lifetime I’ve witnessed some sorry presidents. But none have been as destructive as Bush the Lesser. For Obama to be worse than Bush he would have to make a major effort. And he’d only get away with it if the Republicans act as accomplices. Of course, they saddled up with a criminal like Dubya so anything is possible.

It may well be that Obama is a barracuda. But hell, we’ve been swimming with Jaws for eight years now, so even a barracuda looks good.

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