Saturday, August 02, 2008

Spoil sports ruining our apocalypse.

When Der Spiegel did a story on a Bangladeshi farmer who’s ground water was too salty to drink they pronounced the reason for the problem as global warming. In addition that salty water is one of “the first consequences of global warming. Gradually rising sea levels are forcing saltwater from the Bay of Bengal into the lowland, delta region of south-western Bangladesh....”

The Boston Globe published a dramatic account of one Bangladeshi and what the future holds for him, “by the time Biswas, 34, retires from his job as a teacher, the only home he has known will be swamped, overrun by the ocean with the force of an unstoppable army. That, in turn, will trigger another kind of flood: millions of displaced residents desperate for a place to live.”

In London, The Independent joined the chorus of doom saying: “Bangladesh, the most crowded nation on earth, is set to disappear under the waves by the end of this century -- and we will be to blame.” In that article author Johann Hari said that he decided to fly to Bangladesh because the International Panel on Climate Change, whose predictions, he claims “have consistently turned out to be underestimates” have said that “Bangladesh is on course to lose 17 per cent of its land.” So, of course, Mr. Hari decided to jet around the world, emitting more carbon in one trip that a Bangladeshi does in a year, in order to report on the horrors.

Hari goes to Dr. James Hansen, the father of global warming hysteria for quotes. Hansen, “whose climate calculations have proved to be more accurate than anybody else’s,” says that global warming “would drown Bangladesh entirely.” Hari believes it hence his carbon emitting spree trip.

The disappearance of Bangladesh has been gospel truth in Church of St. Al of Gore. It is repeated, sometimes in frightened whispers, sometimes in loud denunciations, but it is repeated over and over. The mainstream media has been telling everyone it is true. Al Gore says it is true and dire. The IPCC says it is true and disastrous. Then those bloody Bangladeshi scientists show up and bring nothing but doom and gloom to the disaster movement.

They have nothing but bad news for the catastrophists. Apparently the Center for Environment and Geographic Information Services, in Dhaka, Bangladesh, has “studied 32 years of satellite images and say Bangladesh’s landmass has increased by 20 square kilometers (eight square miles) annually).”

Miminul Haque Sarker, a scientist with the government agency in Bangladesh says the doomsday merchants in the West have it all wrong. “Satellite images dating back to 1973 and old maps earlier than that show some 1,000 square kilometers of land have risen from the sea.”

Mahfuzur Rahman, who runs the Water Development Board’s Coastal Study and Survey Department, agrees with Sarker. “For almost a decade we have heard experts saying Bangladesh will be under water, but so far our data has shown nothing like this.”

Rahman says that some land has been lost and more land has been created by the complex natural process at work. What land has been lost, he attributes to “river erosion, which has always happened in this country” not to warming. Meanwhile the natural process of sedimentation has “more than compensated this loss” and said that with “superior technology, we may be able to reclaim 4,000 to 5,000 square kilometers in the near future.” Well that technology costs money and that means an improved economy and that means more carbon emissions so that can’t be allowed.

Apparently everyone knew that Bangladesh was losing land to the sea except the scientists who actually measure the amount of land in Bangladesh. And then those killjoy scientists had to ruin everyone’s fun by announcing it. That’s the problem these days -- you can’t have a good, old fashioned, Apocalypse without someone spoiling it for everyone.

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