Sunday, August 03, 2008

Welcome to the Twilight Zone

All of the following is from the web site of a political campaign. I assume that positions published on a campaign web site mean they are official positions of the candidate, as a candidate -- that is they are not merely private opinions but the platform he is running on. See what you think of them.

If we're facing a judgment, it's because we have repudiated the original ideals of America, as well as clear Biblical principles.

America's laws were built on God's Laws: The Ten Commandments and "The Laws of Nature and of Nature's God" sum up the whole of America's foundation: the Bible. The immigration policies of all the major parties -- including third parties like the Constitution Party -- ignore America's Biblical foundation.

Congress should
• "Hate" homosexuality and homosexuals
• Follow God's Commandments with respect to them

The entire creation is God's enterprise.
God is the Boss.
Homosexuals are disobedient employees.
God hates them.

Christians must obey God's commandments with respect to homosexuals. Love is the fulfilling of God's Law. Homosexuals living in a Christian society will be better off than those living in pagan societies. God's Law is the source of cultural blessings, and these blessings fall even on those who violate God's Law. But one of those commandments is to hold their immoral acts in disgust. We must hate embezzlers and homosexuals. The Bible says so.

"Homophobia" is as ridiculous an accusation as "embezzlerphobia" or "murderphobia."

Embezzlers and homosexuals disrupt God's creation. They bring pain into the lives of others. Embezzlers and homosexuals are not happy. Christians must hold their nose and compassionately help the wicked out of the sewer.

In regards to abortion this campaign urges employers to “cultivate respect for life” by having “lunchtime Bible studies. “Teachers should pass on pro-life values to their students, even in classes that do not directly teach social and cultural subjects.” He also tells them to “defy court orders prohibiting a discussion of American values before and after school, and at lunch.” By American values he is elsewhere clear that he means fundamentalist Christianity.

The campaign says: “Parents can disinherit, landlords can refuse to rent, teachers can expel, media sources can give unfavorable publicity, and merchants can refuse to sell to those who kill children. All of these groups can boycott doctors who kill children..”

Hard-core pornography distribution is not a victimless crime. It is degrading to women and children and its secondary effects of increased crime are destructive of family and community life. Anyone who uses force or threats to make a woman perform should be charged with kidnapping, assault, and/or rape. Any pictures or film should be confiscated and burned, because no one has the right to benefit from the proceeds of a crime.

Unfortunately, most women who participate in pornography do so voluntarily.
Pornography is a perversion of the gift of sexuality. By its nature, it diminishes the humanity of everyone involved. Those captured by camera images are not treated as human beings created in the Image of God, worthy of dignity and value. The viewer’s humanity is also diminished by becoming party to exploitation. People who view pornography, especially children, are psychologically and spiritually damaged by the viewing.

[Candidates names deleted] therefore supports and defends policies that will eliminate illegal hard-core pornography from the open market. Americans must work vigorously to protect children from online pornographic material. Children must be afforded safe access to the world of useful and appropriate knowledge available through Internet access in public schools and libraries, while at the same time being adequately protected from harmful pornography and contact by sexual predators.”

America's Founding Fathers very strongly believed that we had to be a nation "under God," or we would not succeed. Most people today do not understand the importance of our national duty to acknowledge God and obey Him:”

The word "Theocracy" means "ruled by God." A Theocracy is a nation "under God." America is a nation "under God," but not a nation under priests, churches, or "ecclesiastical bodies" (to use the words of James Madison).

I do not believe in the modern concept of "separation of church and state." This concept has been a disaster for America. I believe in the concept which the Founding Fathers believed in, which might be called "The Separation of Churches and State." The modern concept no longer has much to do with the ecclesiastical bodies known as "churches." Today the slogan "separation of church and state" actually means "The Separation of God and State." The Founding Fathers believed that the State was "under God," not separate from God. When the State is separated from God, the State IS god, or thinks it is.

That gives you some idea of where this candidate is coming from. So what sort of candidate is it? Republican? Constitutional Party? Nope. This campaign is supposedly a Libertarian Party campaign. This is Kevin Craig, Libertarian congressional candidate in Missouri.

Mr. Craig seems to avoid, for the most part, calling for state intervention but that doesn’t make his campaign problem free by any means. Mr. Craig maybe a Christian Reconstructionist (he is) and he has the right to be. But when he fills his campaign with his religious theories that is inappropriate. A libertarian candidate may be an atheist, many are, but if that candidate filled pages of his campaign web site with arguments against the doctrine of a god that would be inappropriate.

A candidate runs on public issues not on private, personal issues. The position a libertarian takes on gay rights, for instance, ought to be one that says gays have the same rights as everyone else, and that the state has no business discriminating. But if a Libertarian candidate ran around promoting the idea that everyone ought to engage in gay sex because it is “morally superior” it would be inappropriate. Craig does the opposite. He campaigns on why Congress ought to “hate” homosexuals and why everyone else ought to hate them as well. He is supposed to be representing the Libertarian Party. Does the Libertarian Party now take the position that God hates gay people? If it doesn't then why does it allow an official representative of the party to campaign telling people just that?

Mr. Craig is not running a political campaign as much a religious revival meeting. And the Libertarian Party of Missouri is letting him do it -- again. I say again because this is the same campaign he ran two years ago. Back then he ran his gay-bashing, Jesus-preaching campaign as well. And before that he was a Libertarian candidate in California. There was a time when no Libertarian Party candidate could get away with this sort of nonsense. But that was when the LP had some principles. Today it has been thoroughly “reformed” and, I think it is safe to say, that they don’t have a principle that isn’t up for bids.